Hot Off The Press 3

Hot Off The Press

Fridays are the gateway to The Weekend and what is a Good Friday without some new songs to jam to? We bring you new sounds this and every Friday to launch you into the weekend so whenever you hear these songs playing at your favorite spot, don’t forget who put you on…

● Mellissa – Me & U

On the first play, I immediately fell in love with the beats; how the strings and the chords moved but the vocals moved me more as the song started. “Me & U” by Melissa is that song!! Secret love, sneaky links, being bad for your lover, or whatever you wanna call it, as long as it’s going good and we are deeply in love with each other, nothing else matters. You might wanna play this at night; in low lights, in cool weather and enjoy.



Twitter: mellissadarlin

● Ginius – Not My Concern/Different

It’s a 2-pack season and Ginius is the latest to join the queue with Not My Concern/Different. “Different” is an afro-fusion joint and it opens with chords that can only be described as sexy and hypnotic. The tone and wonderful weaving of melodies are reminiscent of late 90’s and early 2000s R&B classics and the lyrics are simply important “First Date” questions, especially for the ones you are interested in. With “Not My Concern”, Ginius features a brilliant fusion of Afro-Pop and Amapiano harmonies on the main chorus as she relives her days of being a core member of her church choir growing up. The track is simple but its catchy hook is guaranteed to stay on repeat in your ears and in your head.



Twitter: @official_ginius

● Kuami Eugene – Fate

One thing life will teach you is that, you can have your own plan, direction and all that but life has its own plan for us all. Kuami Eugene has been MIA for a hot minute, but he’s out now and is about to serve us with back-to-back songs. “Fate” is the first, and he speaks on life’s happenings, what he has been through, being a tough skin and dealing with issues as and when they come. Stream “Fate” via the link below.



Twitter: @KuamiEugene

● Wavy The Creator, SGaWD, Arieenati – Shayo Galore (feat. Le Mav)

It’s party time and Wavy The Creator has a jam for us. It’s Friday night, it’s a house party at a coded location and one song has to be on repeat for hours; that song is “Shayo Galore”. Wavy and her girls didn’t play with this one, leave it on repeat, get your squad and drinks ready, and thank me later.




● Beeztrap KOTM, Dikoo, KWESI AMEWUGA – Mapuka

“Mapuka ” definitely brings back memories, if you know you know, but this time round Beeztrap KOTM, Dikoo, and Kwesi Amewuga have a different version of what we know. They say the boys are stressed out and of all the things that can help release their stress, b00bs and a$$ tops the list. I’m sure you know where this is heading. Great!!! Make sure you check it out. 


Instagram: @beeztrapkotm

Twitter: @beeztrapkotm

● Maya Blu, Kasar – Bad Bitch Love

If the bad b!tches are falling in love then we have a big problem. Maya Blu’s “Bad Bitch Love” is an anthem for girls who are stuck between being on the streets and being in the arms of a man and receiving some good-good loving. If you decide to play this song outside of your bedroom, please be advised that it’s PG 18. Now you can enjoy it. 


Instagram: @mayablu_


● Lehsure – Dzigbordi

Lehsure’s latest single, ‘Dzigbordi’ is a beautiful love letter to a girl called ‘Dzigbordi’, taking the listener on a musical story about a baecation filled with unforgettable moments. Here’s a side note no one asked for, but Dzigbordi means Patience and all Lehsure is asking for is Patience from his lover. You get it right? Good. 


Instagram: @lehsure1

Twitter: @Lehsure1

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