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Exclusive: One On One With Supa Gaeta

For Imullar, Young multi-talented Ghanaian artiste, Supa Gaeta dives into his story with a constructive conversation about his career and navigating paths that shaped his artistry.

For those now tapping in, Who is Supa Gaeta?

Supa Gaeta: Supa Gaeta is simply a young boy who is trying to figure this life thing out as everyone and has an escape from it all by creating music constantly and enjoying the process as he navigates growth, lessons, loss, love, and friendships.

You started off super early during your high school days, what culture inspired your craft?

Supa Gaeta: I’d say the 90s hip-hop, Rnb, and hip life shaped my thought process for getting into music, I used to learn how to rap Bow Wow, Shaggy, Pretty Ricky, 50 Cent from buying lyric magazines back in the day. The first piece of recording I ever did was to Bow Wow’s Let Me Hold You instrumental in the hall with my sister’s laptop and headphones that had a mouthpiece. I was so fascinated by the feeling I had from hearing myself rap in the playback and that was it for me. 

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You are a multi-talented artiste, from production to songwriting, you seem to have mastered it all, talk me through your process of becoming a producer. What do you want to bring to your own music from the production side?

Supa Gaeta: So I actually got into production because at the time I started to make music, studios were not as accessible as they are now and bro they were mad expensive so I decided to wing it and do my own thing with FL studios and Cubase, I still use the same Cubase I had when I started, I made all my beats in my early days, learned how to record, mix and master at the same time. I won’t lie. I thought myself most of the things I do now and with the help of “YouTube University” I was able to do something. 

Personally, I’ve been a fan since your rapping days, back when you were making cyphers for Central University, since then, your craft has seen transitional changes over the last years, what was the reason for the change?

Supa Gaeta: Crazy, I appreciate the support to be honest. I think the transition has been from listening wide and growing. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to the music I make so if you notice I don’t drop music as often as I’m supposed to, I learn from what’s going on in the space and I adjust as I deem fit to my sound. There’s a lot of music I have not released because I felt they were in my growth stage and I simply just wanted to release the ones that felt good to me, but I think that deprives people of knowing and understanding the journey for me, so I’ve decided to release music as I make them and not hoard anymore. I think that way it would make it easier for others to tell the growth and changes for me as an artist. 

Your 2020 EP, “Super SZN”, is one of my favorite body of work from you, released during post covid, how challenging was it getting the whole project done? With Features from Oxlade, Blaqbonez, Twitch, and Wavy The Creator, how did you manage to secure such features?

Supa Gaeta: “Supa SZN”, was a project I worked on for about 3 years or more, I just didn’t release it when it was done and I think that helped me bag the features because I had ready music to be released. “Text Me” ft Oxlade was done in 2019, my friend (Frank Nwafor) played it to Oxlade and he loved it so he jumped on it, I was actually surprised how fast it happened. We got the verse in a day and that was surreal. I have much love for Oxlade for the love he showed me during the drop and for coming down to Ghana to have the video shot. Oxlade was more eager about shooting the video that any artist I’ve featured in my life, the work rate is amazing. I recorded the song with Wavy in Efya’s house when Wavy was in Ghana for business some months before release. I reached out to her and we got it done. The song with Twitch was made in 2016/2017, Twitch did a verse when I visited Ground Up in 2017. I just kept it and dropped it when I felt it was time. That brings me to the song with Blaqbonez which was the last song I recorded for “Supa SZN”. My friend, I mentioned earlier, Frank Nwafor, who I worked on the tape with as an AnR heard the song and felt Blaqbonez would be the best fit and he was not wrong. He facilitated the feature and we got it done in a day as well. Getting those features came right when we needed it and I’m grateful for how they happened. There are a few songs that didn’t make the cut and would probably not ever get released as well. Finishing up the project was great for me because I was just indoors locked in on the project and finishing up the mixes to how they sound now. 

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Your latest single, “Don’t Leave Me Alone”, highlights your transition to the Afro-World, with heartfelt lyrics that describes a broken Love story, what was the recording process like? And what next for Supa Gaeta?

Supa Gaeta: “Don’t Leave Me Alone” was made in 2017 on that same visit where I got Twitch on “Gimme dat”. Yung D3mz produced the song in the studio and I finished the record at home, I had my friend David Acekeyz who makes an appearance on almost all my productions since uni add a few things to the production and master, we wrapped up the song in 2020 and just never dropped it till now. “Don’t Leave Me Alone” is actually a true story about my friend and his relationship. I made the song to troll his situation but he loved it, so I kept it. 

What’s next for Supa Gaeta? 

Supa Gaeta: What’s next for Supa Gaeta is just more music and musical activities. I’m ready to put out music more consistently these days. I have my next single already loaded up for release so, yeah I’m serious about it. 

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