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Black Sherif – Take Care Of Yourself, Blacko – Review

It’s been less than a year, and Black Sherif’s debut album is already on pace to be one of the greatest debuts of our time. He follows up with a single pack, with 2 songs that will be associated with his debut based on its theme.

After treating fans with an extended set that lasted for over an hour at the University Of Ghana, Legon, Black Sherif is back in the booth. “TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, BLACKO”, is a 2-song self-care single pack that sees the Artiste of the Year prioritize himself over everything else. 

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On “Yaya”, he doesn’t feel pressured at all, he will take a break if he has to. The emotional resonance of his voice and the fragmented unpredictability of his bars, delivered in multi-lingual flow, does justice to Joker’s production as expected.

With the ability to wash over you, with drill elements that define Blacko’s sounds, his bonding skills with producers take an extra step, cooking another well-refined tune with Samsney. “Simmer Down” sounds like it was made right after “Oh Paradise”. Laced with the raucous hard thumping drums of Drill, with smooth strings orchestrated by Samsney, K.K sounds assured, that things will be fine. With a catchy hook, you just know the streets will feed on this. Joker and Samsney’s production details have tailored Blacko’s sounds so well, both songs are the perfect representatives of Black Sherif’s artistry.

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“TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF BLACKO”’  is a refreshingly unique and rewarding follow-up from an artist making a strong claim as Ghana’s most innovative auteur.

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