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Exclusive: One On One With Slim Drumz

The Ghanaian rapper who is known for pairing elements of Fante lingo with an elegant but striking flow has been in the shadows the past few years, producing and delivering verses for the likes of Magnom, Stonebwoy, Pappy Kojo, and more.

For the iMullar, we spoke on his career, his hiatus, and his comeback as one of the country’s Trap Lords.

Let’s take it back, to way before RGG because that’s the era I discovered your sound from, who is Slim Drumz?

Slim Drumz: Slim Drumz is a humble Taadi boy with a God-given gift of music. Personally, I like to keep to myself mostly but music gives me a voice and channel to express myself to the world so you always find me in the studio.

Trap music is your trademark, when did you fall in love with the genre and what song did you specifically gravitate to? And why?

Slim Drumz: Honestly I didn’t really listen to a lot of foreign trap music back then, maybe the rapper, Future. But believe it or not, the sound I have now just developed from experimenting with different sounds. It was later when people started calling me “TrapLord” that I realized that sound is considered trap music. So I went with it.


Your time with RGG studios and its associates was the era when you released tons of songs and features, it’s been limited since some form of distance from the RGG associates, is that the main reason for the hiatus? Or is it just Slim Drumz rebranding and coming back fresh to start?

Slim Drumz: It’s really nothing to do with RGG studios, I’m still cool with all of them. In fact, Killa Kestro (Moorsound) invited me for an interview at guide radio the other day. They were a great part of my journey and it’s always love. I just feel it’s time I rebrand and let people get to know Kuntu, the man behind the trap

What’s one of the most positive experiences so far that you’ve had in that period with RGG?

Slim Drumz: I would say the day we recorded one of the first singles together called “Dor So” with Copta and King Joey, that session was fun. That was when I first came up with my tagline “Yaacross Won”, now it’s on every song I record.

Fante rap is like a subculture too, secluded away from everyone. Like, no one can replicate it. It can only be done by you guys only, how did you generate it into Fante-Trap, a subgenre which was spearheaded by Pappy Kojo in his peak?

Slim Drumz: I like to experiment with different sounds, it was just a result of me trying new things and I happen to like the trap sound. Our Fante artists have been great influences for me since the beginning. Salute to Pappy Kojo! The song I have him on(Eight) was the first of my songs to be played on the radio. That guy is a living legend. But I also have Afrobeat songs like the one with Fameye’s “Over”, even my latest released single (Lifestyle) is considered Afro-pop. So I do other genres but it seems that a lot of people love when I do trap music so I don’t disappoint 

What people don’t know is, you are a prolific producer, with production credits for Stonebwoy, Tinny, Luther, Screwfaze, Yaa Pono, Pappy Kojo, and more, for a recording artiste, that’s a pretty heavy list, do you still produce regularly or there’s a new direction you’re chasing which is getting behind the mic in the booth?

Slim Drumz: I will always be a producer and artist. I think the best artist is one who can make beats, record, mix, master. If you understand the whole process you can improve your vocals. I need to keep my skills sharp so I produce for my artist friends still. Of course, I save the heavy beats for myself lol. 


Where have you been recording? Tell me about your creative process this year. And what to expect from Slim Drumz?

Slim Drumz: I record in my bedroom right now. I have a little setup that I use for myself and to record others. I always start with the beat, that is what motivated the lyrics and the subject. Most of my songs are self-produced so sometimes I start thinking about Melodies before I even finish making the beat. Then I structure the melody into words. This year I’m outside! I want to show the other side of me besides the music. There will be a lot of social media content, a lot of music, and a lot of collaborations and alignments. I have unreleased songs with Ayat, BryanTheMensah, and a list of other very talented artists I plan to release this year so stay tuned! I can’t wait to share what I have been saving with my people. YAACROSS WON!

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