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Introducing: Wontilla

The Ghanaian urban fashion scene has seen a major boost in the past years, intertwining with music to push a culture that shares the same heritage. In the midst of it, all is Wontilla, a Ghanaian fashion house that thrives on a radical rethink of luxury, fashion, and streetwear. The brand which was founded in 2015, has gone through many phases but makes a refined comeback with jet-setting street styles. For The Imullar, we had a conversation with the founder on the genesis of Wontilla.

“Wontilla” means Skin in your native language, Ewe, a name that pays homage to your tribe, how did it all start for “WONTILLA’” as a fashion brand? Is it something you picked up on your way or fashion has always been a feature in your life?

A: When it comes to fashion, I will say it has always been a feature in my life from helping my mum with her tye and dye clothing business, looking back at how the clothes are styled uniquely with different patterns, colors and styles had an impact on me. The efforts and sweat that goes into creating such designs is an inspiration to me in this modern time to create unique styles for my brand.

What inspired Wontilla as a brand? The theme of it all and what it stands for?

A: Well the skin covers our body as humans and the Skin is a big representation of who we are as Africans and it tells our story and history as a people. The biggest part of our history and culture all boils down to our skin and how we choose to portray it in this modern time. To me The Skin which means Wontilla in my first language is an umbrella that embodies the truth, the beauty, and the ugly and this can be portrayed in fashion through my designs. The brand aims to create affordable and unique designs. The brand aims to educate, inspire and communicate to the youth.


You thrive on famous quotes and Latin Legal terms, with a specific quote from Marcus Aurelius about evil, how important is philosophy to your craft?

A: Fashion isn’t something you just wear or rock. Fashion is about making a statement, and my love for philosophy helped broaden how I approach the creative direction of my work, I like to align it with everyday life, the concept of good and evil, all tailored in fabrics, to respect the elements of life, it’s a great way of making such statements and creating change in the society.

Wontilla went on a hiatus, what was the reason? And how refreshed is the brand coming up again?

A: To rebrand and bring out new concepts. It was also to study more on fashion architecture and arts. The brand is refreshed with better designs and innovative ways of not following the norm of fashion.

You’ve had Vic Mensah and Meek’s entourage rock Wontilla, how did that come about?

A: These Personalities represent the culture and Wontilla is for the culture. How it came about was purely about a link up, you know how the city is, I mean Accra, it’s a big hub now, we are like the new Las Vegas, everyone comes here, they want to learn our ways, our culture, and that has opened doors for us.


What next for Wontilla?

A: More designs, arts, and pop ups, there’s so much to share, so much to introduce, and personally, I can’t wait.

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