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Review: iMullar Sound System’s Energy DJ Popup was colourful and energetic

Yes, that’s right! On Saturday the 23rd of April we held our first pop-up session powered by iMullar Sound System at Front/Back in Accra. The session was mc’d by Kojo Manuel and consisted of five DJ’s: GHBOI, The Masked DJ, Emma Korantema, BUTIMNOT a DJ and Melis. Not to worry if you missed out because three of our team members have shared lengthy reviews to ensure you get the inside scoop.

Anabel Kubabom, Creative Assistant at iMullar shared:


“The iMullar DJ energy pop session felt like a shift in the Accra music culture. The first feat achieved was getting people to show up to a party during the day and bring an energy that was unmatched. Every single person showed up and showed out. Starting with style choices, we were blessed with a beautiful and colourful array of outfits and accessories. From neon green bodysuits to tie-dye two-piece outfits, it was an exquisite representation of how Accra has some of the most beautiful displays of cultural amalgamation.

The iMullar curated a powerful all-female DJ lineup for us. The session started off hot with Butimnot A DJ who prepped the crowd with her smooth and steady mixes of afro r&b, alternative hip-hop, amapiano and Afrobeats. What stood out was how she effortlessly floated through genres and kept the crowd hooked throughout her set. Being the first act is always a challenge but she held her own. 

Djghboi was next on the turntables, and I have personally named her the genre-blending queen after that electric set she delivered. Merging grime with EDM, coupé-décalé with heavy hip hop and trap beats. The vibes were completely unmatched.  With every transition from one song to the next, It was as if she knew that she had completely spoiled there. 

Tmskdj was the glue that held everyone together. Her Amapiano set had the crowd moving as one entity. The alcohol was kicking in and people were ready to bring out their hardest Amapiano moves. Tmskdj was the symbol of coolness as she calmly delivered back-to-back bangers with the crowd of hype men that had gathered behind her, giving her the energy she needed to keep killing her set.

You would think that it couldn’t get any better after that but DJ Emma Korantema completely switched the game up with a hard-hitting deliverance of genre mixes. She took us on the wildest ride with garage, Baile funk, Afro House. It was a rare sight to see such a diverse crowd of people in Accra collectively jamming to these genres. She really delivered what we all didn’t know we needed.

As the sun began to set, DJ Melis brought the Berlin club scene to Front/back with her mix of Afrobeats, hip-hop and electronic music. Everything seemed to come naturally to her as she played her full set using just the turntables and her ears to listen for the perfect moments to transition. As if the crowd couldn’t be blessed enough, we decided that everyone deserved more enjoyment and brought on a surprise bonus set with DJ Hirma Ndayizinga. Despite partying for 8 straight hours, the community was ready to ride the final wave of this unforgettable journey.  

Everyone was so in sync with each other. From the DJs to the MC, to the audience. There literally wasn’t a dull moment in the 8 hours that the event ran for. Each DJ truly cared about the journey they were taking us on with their sets. Until the next Energy DJ Pop session, all we will have are the vivid memories to relive”.

Emmanuel Paapa Quaicoe, Creative Assistant at iMullar shared:

“iMullar Sound System together with our Community error 404 hosted the Energy Dj Pop session last weekend. This pop-up comes only days after iMullar launched its first DJ mix on Apple Music worldwide. My interest in this event was intense because this was my first time attending one. I’d be lying if I said I had experienced a DJ pop-up before so had no idea how it was going to pan out. My scepticism was heightened when I discovered the scheduled time for the event was 11 am.  Accra comes to life at night but for a day event such as this, I wasn’t so sure. Regardless, no matter the turnout, I was going to have fun. 

With clear skies, Saturday, April 23rd proved to be the best day for the event. The program began only a few minutes after 11 am as there was a crazy lineup of DJs to perform.

BUT I’M NOT A DJ”, began the session with alternating tunes of alte, pop and neo-soul. As the first Dj, her work was cut out for her to build the crowd’s excitement, which she did exceptionally. 30 minutes into her set and the venue had come alive. Everyone was now on their feet, slowly getting into the mood for what was yet to come. She closed her set with applause and cheers, setting the mood for the next Dj.

Next on the bill was DJGHBOI. Knowing the audience’s energy level was peaking, she came with full-force hip hop and Afro beats. Her seamless transition between the different genres kept everyone on their feet. Our favourite MC, Kojo Manuel had joined in the craze doing his own to keep the audience on their feet. At this point, the venue was fully packed with patrons still trooping in. I particularly enjoyed her mix with J.Cole’s “G.O.M.D” which got everyone singing along.

The pop-up had turned into a party at this point. Ever had gotten comfortable with a drink or two, ready to party. To borrow the words of MC Kojo Manuel, “the alcohol was working”. The masked DJ came through with back-to-back bangers and tunes that would keep you on the dance floor. 


Emma Krontemaa took to the stage between the hours of 3 pm to 4 pm. As we got to the end of the session the expectations from the remaining DJ were high. The energy had to remain one hundred % till the end. DJ Emma Krontemaa came through with the right vibes to continue the party. If there was a dance floor, everyone was on it. All through her set, heavy metallic sounds, providing a rhythmic and harmonic function, echoed off the walls.

Finally, our DJ to close the session was the Belgian Queen, Melis DJ. She brought her wave to spice up the sessions. Listening to her mixed tunes felt like Skrillex at Coachella 2014. You just had to be there to experience it. As night approached, patrons got into the night party mode. Luckily DJ Hirma Ndayizigah was around to serve us a bonus round for the night.

If you haven’t clocked it yet, yes, It was an all-female DJ live session, because why not. BUT I’m NOT A DJ, Djghboi, DJ Emmakorantemaa, the masked DJ, Melis DJ and DJ Hirma Ndayizigah are all female DJs bridging the gap between males and females in their respective niches of the industry. Hats off to the iMullar team for showcasing female DJs in such a groundbreaking event. The future is truly bright for female DJs in Ghana, Africa and the world. 

Every single session had a certain level of intimacy to it. The DJs brought out their A-game and the audience connected with them. All around, it was a successful event with no major setbacks. The location, the time, the audience, the music and the team behind the initiative, seemed to align perfectly. The iMullar team must be specially recommended for bringing out the city to a day party with all relevant industry players present”.

Tracy S. Akoto-Sasu, Creative Assistant at iMullar shared:

“Great music, beautiful people and amazing vibes filled the air on Saturday at front back where the first-ever energy Dj pop session from the imullar music sound system took place. as soon as you entered you could feel the positive vibrations and all you could see were the vibrant colours and hairstyles of some of Accra’s cool kids moving with their cocktails in the air. 

Although everyone says Accra people only party at night, the day being bright and sunny brought a different but much cooler atmosphere to the place and with everything being so clear everyone could not help but have their phones and cameras in the air ready to capture the moment. 

Everyone looked absolutely stunning. The girls in their braids in pigtails, crop tops and shorts in different colours and sunglasses screamed summer and the boys mirrored that vibe in their t-shirts, shorts and sneakers. it looked like we had all gone out for brunch together. 

As 11 am turned to 1 pm, my colleagues at iMullar would argue that the program started a bit late but I’d beg to differ. I think it started at the perfect time (proper ghana man time if you ask me !).

The Masked Dj began her set with the hypeman Kojo Manuel who brought nothing but energy when they played the first song Waiting which also happens to be his song with Kevin Boy. That song brought the crowd to almost a climax and she had the crowd on their feet during her whole set, edging with some more amapiano tunes. Everyone in the place was dancing and not even the slight Accra heat could stop us. 

Whiles the sun was setting, Melis rocked the place with some EBM sounds which had the girls jumping, jamming and living their Accra-Coachella dream. She played electronic remixes of songs, blended with trap songs and old hip-pop which made it feel like a rave and it was a perfect way to end the day or start the night!”

Check out this short video on our Instagram to get a visual glimpse of the event:

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