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Meet DJ K.O, The Emerging Talent Venturing Into The Amapiano Sound

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Amapiano is a style of house music that has taken over the global music scene. With catchy melodies and infectious basslines, Amapiano music is the perfect sound for any occasion. Contributing to the infectious Amapiano wave taking over the globe is producer, instrumentalist, and DJ known as DJ K.O. Based in the DMV area, DJ K.O is an emerging Ghanaian talent who is not afraid to genre bend. With his creative approach to his artistry, DJ K.O has worked with artists such as Wale, Ycee, DJ Tunez, Guru NKZ, Mannywellz, and Tobby Drillz.

Gearing up for the debut of his EP “Amapiano Vol 1”, DJ K.O has released the first single titled “Jejely.” Jejely is a vibrant fusion of Amapiano and Afrobeat melodies that feature Nigerian-American artist Tobby Drillz. I caught up with DJ K.O over zoom to explore his musical influences, upbringing in Takoradi, and love for Amapiano.In a quest to better know DJ K.O, I asked the DJ to share some random facts about himself. Quickly, I discovered that DJ K.O has a chill and mellow vibe making him a great conversationalist. We eased into a chat about some random facts where DJ K.O shared that he loves to cook and can make some bomb corn beef stew. From there, the conversation leads to talks about his journey as a musician.

M-How did you find yourself in music?
I fell in love with music around the age of five. It’s been a journey. I have always been around music. Ever since I committed to doing music, music has been the only way. God has always given me the right projects and led me in the right direction when it comes to music.

M-As a producer and an instrumentalist, how would you define your sound?
My music is very well-rounded. I don’t box myself. Listen to all types of sound, from jazz to highlife music to literally everything. So, because of this when you listen to my music you get elements from all the different genres.

M-What would you consider your favorite genre of music?
Hmm, I don’t know. I will definitely have to say Afrobeats. It is the soul of the new movement.

M-So let me test your knowledge. Afrobeats or Afrobeat?
Definitely Afrobeat. Going all the way to Fela Kuti. I would even say Gyedu Blay Ambolley because I am originally from Takoradi. His music is really something I enjoy, like his recent project “11th Street, Sekondi.” The drums in those songs you hear are filled with so many grooves and melodies. I think artists like Gyedu Blay Ambolley create real afrobeat sounds; Gyedu Blay and a few bands from Takoradi were really pushing the sound. From them, that is where I base my afrobeat knowledge.


M-With Gyedu Blay Ambolley what would you consider your favorite song?
Simi rap. I like the creativity of his rap and sound.

M-What is your source of inspiration when creating music?
I will say, God. I pray first and let the music flow. I like to create on the spot, so I have to make sure good energy is set in the room and space. I do it personally.
Also, I love seeing the smile on people’s faces when everything comes together. Seeing how people respond and react to the music created.

M-Who are you currently listening to?
I listen to Flash a lot, even though he hasn’t dropped in a while. That is still my favorite artist. I have been listening to Lil Durk lately. Wizkid, his project is still on rotation and a lot of Focalistic and Major League Djz.

M-Why Amapiano?
As a DJ I have come to love different sounds and genres and house music has become a sound I love to listen to. I remember telling every artist that this is the sound that is about to pop. If you listen to the first sound, I put up with Tobby Drillz, there are some house elements in the music.

M-What were your biggest influences when creating the tape?
I was just feeding off the energy of the artist, but with one particular song on the project. I was determined to add highlife elements. I loved Amapiano sound and I wanted to fuse it with highlife rhythm

M-What do you want listeners to take away from this Amapiano project?

Just great energy. We are coming off a crazy time and everyone has been through something. We are all working towards being one again. This project is to say, “Let’s enjoy life. Let’s enjoy each other. Let’s come together once again.”

With the aim to bring everyone together through music, “Amapiano Vol. 1” is a must-listen. Focusing on curating exceptional vibes and sound to uplift spirits and energies during a complex time in history, DJ K.O.’s EP promises a fresh take to the Amapiano sound.

Meet DJ K.O an emerging Ghanaian talent who is not afraid of bending genres! Listen to Amapiano Vol. 1 here.

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