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Beyond Asakaa
In the heart of the “Garden City” Kumasi, “Asakaa” or what we know as GH drill has been the music language for years, and just like every music genre, it was about time it developed into a fully fledged international sound. Carried forward by young acts in the city, it’s now the most played genre in Ghana, with a pack of Kumasi rappers as the frontmen. In all this, Yaw TOG is the golden boy, the 19 year old rapidly rising star who first splashed onto the scene with his viral hit single “Sore”.
you want something beyond drill, “TIME” could easily be the most lovable rap project so far for this year. The tape overflows with youthful themes, covering everything from today’s industry to insight into Yaw’s musical life. At such a tender age, “TIME” shows Yaw Tog meeting the high-water mark he set for himself since SORE. On “Gold Friends”, he pays homage to his day ones, offering deft commentary on his come up and the struggles it came with on a tectonic bounce beat produced by Gendi. “Boyz” keeps the same energy on a boppy beat laced with loud trumpet melodies that buzz against the young bull’s spry lyricism making it the kind of song you play while dressing up and getting ready to meet the boys for a wild Friday night.

What’s a good rap tape without an “I told you so” story and “Fake Ex” is the perfect piece. The song runs on thick bass lines escorted with guitar strings that support Yaw as raps about his love life before and after his newfound fame. His tuneful rhymes and half-sung vocals build a pretty and petty picture about how his ex treated him before his blow out and how she suddenly switched up because of Yaw’s widespread fame. It’s my personal favorite on the tape. The “Sore” remix is still invigorating as ever with deadly verses from a with the new release featuring Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur hitting a million views on YouTube in just 3 days, it is clear that this young hustler from Kumerica is not losing momentum anytime soon.

On a purely technical level, Yaw is impressive. His words are vivid, his emotions pronounced, and his style elevated as ever. “Mood” sees him flaunt some of the privileges of his rising status, whereas Juiczxxx’s decadent production pushes the song to a new bar. Polished and effective like Yaw’s delivery coupled with catchy lyrics, Mood makes for a potential banger! “Y33gye” is a sleeper, served up as a single for the project, it could go from the most underrated song to a drill fan favorite after numerous listens.

The Empire signee ends the 7 song project with a “I’m here to stay” statement (song), “Time” feels genuinely crafted, he sounds as humble as ever but will be ruthless if he has to, allowing his singing skills to catch the attention here. Overall the album reeks of hard work from the prospect, with the same understated diligence that fueled his star turn.

Listen to “Time” here.

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