Blast From The Past

Two things remain constant; change, and the power of music. Music is one magical language that transcends race, class, gender, status and every other boundary. Throughout history, music has been presented in different genres with each serving as a different purpose irrespective of the sound. However, not all songs outlive their era or generation. This playlist has been curated to celebrate Africa-Diasporan songs that will forever be immortalized.

The Afrobeat band known as Osibisa was formed in 1969. The band comprised of a blend of multicultural individuals from the African and Caribbean diaspora. This legendary band was developed by Teddy Osei; a Ghanaian who was so impeccable on the saxophone and drums. He was also a very talented composer.  The band is known for its fusion of West African highlife, jazz, rock, calypso and pop music seamlessly. Osibisa was one of the first bands from the diaspora to gain major popularity within the western world. This iconic band created pure music which transcends all cultural and racial barriers.

This week we celebrate the  Osibisa  Band and their outstanding musical catalogue. The category is “Osibirock and Jams.”

“Osibisa! Crisscross rhythms that explode with happiness.”

Sunshine Day

“Everybody do what you’re doing. Your smile will bring a sunshine day.”

Sunshine day is a song that is bound to make you smile. With an upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, this song will transform any stormy day into Sunshine day.

Dance The Body Music

“Dance the body music. Music makes you happy”

Funkadelic, groovy, and nostalgic. Dance the Body music captures the essence of the ’70s. Music truly does make you feel happy.

Music for Gong Gong

Both Psychedelic and rhythmic, Music for Gong Gong is a dance tune that will have you busting a move.


The Coffee Song

“All the farmers in Africa say, “Hey, hey”
A politician’s daughter was accused of drinking water and was fined a great big fifty dollar bill
They’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil
A whole lot of coffee in Brazil”

The Coffee Song is a fun and whimsical song which talks all about coffee. In true Osibisa fashion, enjoy this funky tune with fun lyrics.

Welcome Home

This could easily pass as the official soundtrack for Ghana’s Year of Return.

“You’ve been kept on for much too long
Stand up please and say I am free
Don’t forget you are welcome home”

Welcome Home is one of my personal favourites. This song speaks volumes of the journey of Black and brown people within the diaspora back home to the motherland. With deep emphasize on the need to return home, Osibisa will leave you with mixed feelings of nostalgia, goosebumps, and tears.


“Fire will burn you, fire will burn you
Watch out, watch out, watch out”

Fire! Who hasn’t been told that fire will burn you? This classic Osibisa song details the impact of playing with fire.

The Dawn

Drums, a bass guitar, a melodic high flute, and other rhythmic instruments! The Dawn is the definition of pure simple yet brilliant music.


The call of togetherness!
“So let’s try and be young again and join in the game.”

Kokorokoo is jovially natured of the song that will have you reminiscing on the innocence of childhood.


Heavy on the drums, Survival will leave you on the edge of your seat. This song will catch your attention with it unique instrumentation…



“It will be hard we know
And the road will be muddy and rough
But we’ll get there
Heaven knows how we will get there
We know we will”

Woyaya speaks to the human experience on this earth. This song is relatable and speaks true to the level of vulnerability we experience on this journey called life.



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