Danny Wonders Shares His “This is Ghana” Documentary

This is Ghana this the lens of Danny Wonders.


Early 2019, Director & Photographer Danny Wonders took a trip to his homeland Ghana for the first time in 24 years. He joined the ‘Year of Return’ tourist and investment initiative which was set up to mark the 400th anniversary of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in Jamestown, Virginia. The initiative aims to attract Africans in the diaspora, so they want to return to Africa, using his documentary to capture the beauty of the Ghana culture and the warmth of the people. It completely changed his perspective on what was shown, prior to visiting he had fears of facing sickness, crime and the typical stories the western world throw on us. During his stay, his passion for Film/Photography enabled him to show Ghana in a way never seen before, get ready to be inspired, learn the culture and come home.

He was inspired to do this because growing up, African countries were always shed in light to suit the white gaze –poverty and sickness. Seeing Ghana for himself after years of being exposed to such negative images about the state of the country clearly changed his perspective on the country and he reflects this in the way he captures the scenery, buildings and night-life.

The trailer hints at an interview direction, featuring Ghanaian artists, Pappy Kojo, art director, Leroy Wadie, restaurant owner,  Audrey Selormy, and random people on the streets like Meek, a professional bike rider who all speak on their experience as Ghanaians.

Danny Wonders through photography and directing has contributed to the culture capturing some beautiful moments involving international stars like The Migos, Chris Brown, French Montana, Stefflon Don, Burna Boy, Davido among others.

Watch the trailer for Danny Wonders’ “This is Ghana” below.

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