Listen To Mr Muffin’s “Remedy” EP

Ike Owuraku Amponsah also known as Mr Muffin was a hip-hop music artist from Sunyani (Currently in Accra) who recently switched to alternative music and was born in Ghana on June 10, 1992. 

Majority of his works are real life experiences which are musically visualised with a much more darker approach.

Mr Muffin released his first album “Codename Lonewolf” on November 13, 2015 but was later on taken down due to the production issues. The 23-track album which was pulled down was mainly hip-hop and told the story of how he became much of a loner and how it has affected him. In 2016, Mr Muffin announced the release of a mixtape “CNL Aftermath” which was to pave way for a psychedelic album (Human Anatomy). Both of the projects got cancelled after the artist was facing problems which the end result turned out to be depression.

After his recovery he had an epiphany on doing music for the love of the rhythm and content than rather trying to prove a point that he is a relevant artist (punchlines and so on). This changed his direction in music and was the main drive of the “CNL Aftermath” album that was released August 1st ,2017.  CNL Aftermath which stands for Codename Lone wolf Aftermath is a multicultural hip-hop album showcasing true-life stories of betrayal, backstabbing and how he almost lost everything after the release of his previous album (Codename Lonewolf ).

Mr Muffin is currently working on another project called “The Remedy: Ego State Therapy”. The album is an alternative album and it is the path the artist has chosen. He believes music is relative and there are other ways to captivate the hearts of listeners by using different approaches which aren’t quite heard of. Songs like Nightfall, Ego State Therapy: Dear and Discovery are songs off the project.

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