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Link Pop Cover Story With $pacely

The Ghanaian fashion scene has always been a bright one, with heavy potential Stemming from legendary brands like MKO.GH and Nineteen57. Fast forward, the fashion space has diversified its structure, with love for diversity and creative freedom on the rise, all types of styles are now heavily present in the fashion space, especially urban fashion. This has made Pop-Ups a norm now in Ghana. 

Pop-up culture has helped to rejuvenate urban/street culture. Physical outlets allow customers to feel the texture and see the colors in garments for themselves, rather than through a computer screen. La Meme’s $pacely is one of the forces pushing urban culture and pop-ups, with a blend of music to balance the experience. Starting off with Merchmania, which had three editions, he introduces a new experience dubbed “Link Pop”. 

For Imullar, we spoke with him about fashion in Ghana, the atmosphere of it all, the need for diversity and acceptance in the fashion world, and his upcoming event, The Linkpop.


Prior to your music career kicking off, you were into fashion, how have you managed to balance both?

$pacely: I’d say the balance I strike between my passion for both fashion and music is what keeps me engaged. I’m always on the lookout for something new in both of these realms. In the world of fashion, I’m constantly exploring the latest trends. This involves keeping an eye on emerging brands that are making their mark in the fashion scene and staying updated on fresh designs and innovative methods. When it comes to music, I take a similar approach. I’m genuinely excited about young up-and-coming artists and the music they’re creating. I’m curious to discover who the rising talents are and what kind of music they’re bringing to the table. In essence, my passion for both fashion and music is fueled by my eagerness to stay informed and seek out the latest developments and innovations in these two exciting worlds.

Merchmania has been one of the fashion pop-ups that rejuvenated urban wear and shed more light on it. What’s the difference between that and Link Pop and what is Link Pop going to offer?

$pacely: I’d say Merchmania was our first venture, and looking back, it feels like our ‘first baby.’ It was a successful start, and you can gauge that success by what Merchmania achieved. We initially offered the first batch for free to the youth, and it’s incredible to see how they’ve all ventured into their own unique paths. Some of them got into alchemy, and creative color cells, and many others Urban Jigga from Famous Brand also got involved. Now, we’ve evolved to what we call the link pop.’ This is an exciting addition to the art world, and I’m particularly enthusiastic about it because I have a strong passion for the arts. I have a personal connection with the art world as I went to school with ‘Artswork Kojo,’ one of Ghana’s finest artists. Over time, I’ve attended their art exhibitions and closely followed their artistic journey. For me, it feels like a natural step to combine my love for art with the ‘link pop.’ That’s the distinction from Merchmania – we’re incorporating the art world. We’re inviting talented art designers to exhibit their works and showcase their paintings. This includes artists like Artwork Kojo, Lifestyle Creature, and several others. We’re expanding beyond just merchandise sales to embrace and celebrate the world of art.

Jumbo Space is a new creative space with the aim of hosting creative-inspired events. What made you and your team choose that space for Link Pop’s first edition?

$pacely: I believe that Jambo Space perfectly aligns with the overall theme of our event. It’s a fantastic creative space, and if you visit it yourself, you’ll notice that every aspect of it has been thoughtfully designed. Our plan for this year’s Linkpop is to provide an intimate atmosphere for everyone, with a combination of indoor and outdoor vendors. The indoor space at Jambo Spaces is a particularly ideal choice for the arts exhibition. It allows us to create a welcoming environment for all the talented artists who are coming on board. This is why we’ve selected Jambo Spaces as the perfect venue for the Linkpop event.


Your fashion Pop-ups are known for introducing new acts from the music scene. Which acts are on for this edition?

$pacely: Oh, absolutely! Music has always been a crucial part of our events, and we take pride in showcasing the emerging music talent from Ghana. We believe in supporting the youth and the fresh sounds and waves that they bring. This year, we’re excited to introduce some incredibly talented and brand-new artists to our lineup. You can expect to see the likes of Anabel Rose, Juma Mufasa, The VVVVillage Essuman, and many more. It’s a bunch of truly outstanding artists who will be joining us. In addition to these newcomers, we’ve got some familiar faces like La Meme, Joey B, Nya, Ayat, Haeven, and myself. It’s going to be an amazing event, and I invite you all to come and vibe with us. It’s going to be a fantastic experience!

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