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Afro-Latino Artists You Need To Check Out

From their infectious rhythms to their pure energetic deliveries, these Colombian artists have been on our radar and we felt they were too good not to share with our community.

1. Dawer x Damper


Dawer & Damper, the Afro-futurist Colombian duo, emerged from Cali’s historically marginalized district, Aguablanca, blending Afrobeat with a powerful visual identity. Their music challenges stereotypes, celebrates vulnerability, and addresses ethnicity and gender. Through their rhythmic innovation, they advocate for the marginalized Afro population and create a more inclusive society. Dawer x Damper’s debut album, “Donde Machi,” explores their barrio upbringing, offering a vision of empowerment and community resilience. 

Listen here

2. Jossman


Jossman is a producer, composer, and singer, born in Cali-Colombia, and raised in Timbiquí-Cauca. He has been a leading voice in Colombian afrobeats with occasional crossovers into reggaeton and dancehall.

3. Lil Keren


Lil Keren is a Colombian singer, rapper, producer, and composer. Her passion for hip-hop and its verses began during her childhood growing up in Venezuela. Her experimentation with music began when she moved back to Colombia. Her first single dropped in 2019 self-titled, “Lil Keren”. At the age of 21, she referred to herself as the “Queen of Trap”.

4. Verito Asprilla


Verito Asprilla, a 19-year-old Colombian artist, made waves in 2022 with her debut EP “Mundo Lila.” Hailing from Tumaco, her music blends hip-hop with Pacific flavors, featuring infectious tunes like “Pa Que Bailen” and “Letras Millonarias” while addressing powerful themes of female empowerment and cultural richness. Her journey from Tumaco’s streets to urban music stardom highlights her unique blend of trap, dancehall, and reggaetón, resonating with her audience with a fresh perspective.

5. Mabiland


Mabiland is an Afro-Colombian hip-hop artist with influences of R&B and neo-soul in her music. Her career began producing music videos and performing at-bats when she was 19. Her debut album, “Mabiland” was released in 2018.

Written and Compiled by Anabel Rose Kubabom.

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