Ghana’s ​Very First ​Skate Park — A Collaboration between Surf Ghana, More

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Surf Ghana​, a collective dedicated to galvanizing the burgeoning skateboard scene in Ghana, is pleased to announce the construction of Freedom Skate Park, the country’s ​very first ​fully functional skate park in the heart of Accra. One of ​only 10 skate parks in all of Africa​, Freedom Skate Park plans to begin construction in the first quarter of 2021 and open later that year — and, with help from Virgil Abloh, Daily Paper ​and ​Limbo Accra​, usher in a new day in African sport and creative life.

As more than just a simple skate ramp, Freedom Skate Park will include coaching programs, a Wi-Fi cafe, the country’s very first skate shop, and a co-working space to help young Ghanaians access job opportunities and creative possibilities in an environment that promotes inclusivity. It is Accra’s first recreational centre, nestled in the heart of one of Accra’s trendiest neighbourhoods to be a wonderful chance to develop sustainable tourism through skateboarding.

The initiative has been nurtured by Surf Ghana since its inception and will set hard-earned achievements permanently in stone. Because of the sport’s relatively recent popularity in the country, Ghana has not had the infrastructure necessary for a functioning skate community to fully thrive — now it will.

Design studio Limbo Accra is on hand for creative direction as the architectural lead, with a mission to “deliver afro-utopian spatial justice for all,” an urban ecosystem in harmony with its local population. Limbo Accra’s core goals of sustainable, redistributive and community-led development are all met with Freedom Skate Park; challenging Ghana’s urban development sector to embrace models that create meaningful opportunities for the youth through novel architectural designs.

Credit: @Arnzechukwu

Job creation will be paramount, as the overseeing of the site will be entrusted to local professionals. The Skate Park made also in partnership with Wonders Around the World (WAW) and Space Accra, will be furnished with basic social and skate amenities to ensure the complex excels in high performance on a global stage. The construction will be executed by highly skilled local artisans, incorporating locally sourced and recycled materials.

Surf Ghana is proud to announce its partnership with the Amsterdam based clothing brand Daily Paper, who has designed a capsule collection with 100% of the proceeds going to the construction of the skatepark​. In addition to this main collection, Daily Paper and Virgil Abloh have collaborated on an exclusive Daily Paper x Off-WhiteTM t-shirt to commemorate this momentous occasion and fundraise for the construction of the park. The capsule collections will make its debut at Daily Paper’s pop-up store in Accra, Ghana on December 21 with a global release to follow on on January 15, 2021.

The collaboration will kick off at Daily Paper’s pop-up store in Accra, Ghana on the 21st of December where Daily Paper will go into conversation with Surf Ghana’s founder ​Sandy Alibo​, co-director ​Joshua Odamtten and Limbo Accra’s founder ​Dominique Petit Frère​. Co-hosted by Stories of Young- founder Ashlee Janelle, they will discuss the collaboration with Daily Paper, the initiatives of Surf Ghana, and the unveiling of the skate park as a defining moment. Another highlight is the premiering of a limited edition Daily Paper and Off-WhiteTM designed Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar that will be gifted in the pop-up for the first visitors.
With this initiative, we hope to evolve the skate culture in Ghana to the next level and give locals a platform to grow their talents within a space that will hopefully become their biggest training ground to date. More than board sports, the park will be a creative hub for young Ghanaians to come together, exchange ideas, inspire each other and build their futures through recreational activities. They now have a place where they can be themselves, freely develop their skills together with likeminded people and reach their true potential. Hence the name Freedom Skatepark.’ – Jefferson Osei, Co-Founder of Daily Paper.

Credit: @Arnzechukwu

Virgil Abloh’s design firm Alaska Alaska created the Freedom Skatepark logo and will contribute to the design of some spatial elements of the skate park.

The original action sports brand Vans is also honoured to contribute to the future skateboarding program of the skatepark seeking to grow participation of skateboarding in Africa. The icon of creative expression will support the initiative to inspire the culture and values of skateboarding onto the global stage.

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