Week 21 of New Sounds


svg%3EEach week, we accumulate a list of newly released songs that we think you should hear because music is the only universal language of peace and love. Here are some of the best releases you may have missed this week and don’t forget who put you on these sounds.

This list will be updated every day with new sounds released this week till Sunday.

MC Nel featuring Endwd DJ & Roadman Remy – “Diamonds”

Diamonds to this artistes signifies finally winning after a long and dark period. The song touches on drugs, friendships and how these things have shaped them for the success they envisioned.

Twitch  – “Lover”

Twitch the mutuality of love and maintaining those levels on a rainy day. The boy from Groundup Chale owned his version of Reekado Banks’ “Rora”.

Aka featuring Gemini Major –  “Energy”

Aka fired on all cylinders on his new single ‘energy’. Energy emphasises good vibes, positive energy, showing love, acquiring knowledge, aiming for success and being the best version of yourself. The songs feature vocals from Gemini Major, it’s an all South African thing!

Dzidu featuring JJ Gonami –  “Ablavi”

Dzidu enlists JJ Gonami on his new Ewe dominated sound ‘Ablavi’. The song is themed on love and commitment that will stand the test of time. Ablavi is a name given to females born on Tuesday and it’s the Ewe equivalent of Abena. Dzidu talks about Ablavi’s sacrifice for him; her time and commitment despite his low status at the time, he is in good standing now and will reward her for her loyalty to him. Dzidu delivers verses 1 & 2 in Twi and Ewe, while JJ Gonami hands us the chorus in Ewe, adding some diversity to the song.

Setor – “Know”

Setor on single; “Know is really just words on a beat, but then I didn’t want it to sound like every rap song you’ve heard, and I like to think weird abstract thoughts hence the talking aspect, the sing-along bit, however, makes you question the relationships you have, whether they would last or your people would let you go. In the end, it’s just a song I wrote one night around the ungodly hours because I had watched some freestyle and I was inspired. Ungodly or odd hours brings the best of the creativity in us and ‘know’ by Setor is one of them.”

WonderKid featuring Terminator – “Sunday”

In a typical Sunday service, the norm is to pay attention to teachings, worship, praise and pray to your maker but these days I mean not in the COVID days but lately the youth of today have a whole different agenda when they go to church, I can list 1000 of them but WonderKid tells us more about it in his new song ‘Sunday’ featuring Terminator, listen take notes and change your ways. 

Pa Salieu – “Betty/Bang Out”

Pa Salieu is a Uk rapper with Gambian heritage, his new single pack comprising two songs is our jam right. On ‘Betty’ Pa sings over a laid back dancehall rhythmic beat whiles ‘Bang Out’ sees classic Pa Salieu energy on a drill beat, Betty and Bang Out show a coy, romantic side to his fusion of grime and Afrobeats.

CassKidd & Ogranya – Feel Free

Just in time for indoors summer 2020, “Feel Free” is a song about acceptance and stresses the need to acknowledge who you are and accept your flaws and shortcomings. Feel free is the message from Casskidd and Ogranya.

Jean Feier – Notorious

Notorious by Jean Feier is about coming face to face with your Achilles heel, recognizing the power you have and the beauty of your being while putting it all second place for the elusiveness of love. Jean Feier also talks about falling deeper into the never-ending rabbit hole of unrequited love, while the intensity of her feelings continue to consume her as she wrestles with the state of her reputation. 

Akan featuring Efya – Mensei Da

Akan comes through with classic song titled ‘Mensei Da’ which translates to ‘I’ll never be defeated’ and it features songstress Efya. People come into our lives and leave whenever they want, regardless of the relationship, no one is destined to stay forever unless otherwise. Akan and Efya explain how people leaving their lives makes them stronger not sad or defeated in the new song, so much to learn from it we hope you enjoy it. 

Kobla Jnr featuring Harmaboy, Jason The Menace and Wes – Badman

Kobla Jnr assembles the badmen on his new song ‘Badman’ and the song features Harmaboy, Jason The Menace and Wes, I don’t know what you think of badmen but these badmen may not be the type you have heard of, they don’t go about doing bad things in society. Kobla and his badmen are pretty cool and in this song, they tell us the type of badmen they are, so if you want to know then you’ve got to listen to this.

Delis Worldwide featuring Bryan The Mensah – Don’t Fold

Working hard and not seeing the result is top 5 most disturbing things that can happen to anyone in this life but the thing is you believed it will work in the first place that’s why you started, so no matter what happens or no matter how it goes, you don’t break, you don’t fold and that’s the simple message Delis and Bryan bring to us in the song ‘Don’t Fold’. 

$ey – Don’t Kill Ma Buzz

Good vibes is all the world needs right now with recent happenings around the globe. $ey in perfect flow spoke his truth on the topic, spreading positivity and hope.

Toby $pades is a Nigerian an Alternative Hip Hop artist who He grew up from the Northern part of Nigeria “Kano” currently based in Budapest, Hungary. He grew up listening to majorly rnb music but found love for hip hop and rap from artist like Kendrick Lamer, J Cole, Andre 3000 and Capital Steez. His goal is to elevate hip hop and tell his story and truth through sound bending flows and deep raps. He is one for lyricism’s but finds ways to make the music enjoyable with relatable hooks, wonderful melodies and poetic lyrics that get you thinking sometimes.
In his words what the tape means “I urge y’all to listen to this. This is for my fellow black people and all our true supporters , this is for home, we can all do better. Love Black.”



Erby – Nostalgic Nights 

According to Erby, he’s always been the silent type in whatever he does and in most cases he ends up being hurt, so he has bodied a work to voice out all the things he has been through emotionally in his previous life in a 7-song mixtape titled ‘Nostalgic Nights’.

“I’ve been through a lot and the funny thing most of it happened in the night, so I called this Nostalgic Night which is pure emotions and good alternative sounds to express the way I use to feel”. 

Listen here

Omah Lay – “Get Layd”

Nigeria’s music scene keeps growing and it’s simply amazing, the new kid on the block is Omay Lay and his debut tape ‘Get Layd’, is a blend of Afropop and R&B with a bit of highlife. Omah’s speciality may not be his vocals alone but his songwriting skills too, the tape has 5 songs and every single song shows Omah’s versatility, his creativity and his ability to blend words and vocals to give us good vibes. Listen to ‘Get Layd’ by Omah via the link below. 

Listen here


Renaissance, a 6 tracks expression represents the culmination, at this point in time, of passive and active exposure to, and immersion in diverse art forms, influences, philosophies and thought patterns from a range of distinct genres and eras; 80’s,90’s & 2000’s Soul, TrapSoul, Neo-Soul and contemporary RnB. Peerayce worked towards evoking the longing for things deeply desired but only just slightly out of reach, tantalizingly so. 

In these times where brevity is preferred/treasured, what has been executed in this instance of creation can be summed up a single word, nostalgia. Renaissance is (an experience) fuelled by introspection, examining experiences, mental and emotional processes; parsing things, dissecting, working towards rebirth and a fresh start.

Listen here

Toby $pades – 4 MY PEOPLE

Following current events of Rape, unjust killings, Police Brutality and Racism, the Nigerian alternative hip hop artist Toby $pades made a 4 track tape Name: 4 My People, In our bid to be the change we seek. the tape was made yesterday as a message of hope, where the talented Rapper Toby $pades talks about rape, racism and police brutality. Kindly spare me 15 minutes of your time to digest this tracks.

Listen here


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