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FREE THE YOUTH Recruit Kwesi Arthur On Debut Single “WHO DAT BOY?”

Ghanaian fashion collective FREE THE YOUTH makes their first foray into music by teaming up with Kwesi Arthur to release their debut single, WHO DAT BOY?.

Produced by Quantum, the Accra-based, 10-person collective has leveraged its influence within the music space collaborating with some of the hottest talent from the continent. On WHO DAT BOY?, they team with Kwesi Arthur for a debut single that perfectly fuses drill with the Afro Sound to deliver what will no doubt be the soundtrack to every ‘fit check’ video on social media.

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Speaking on the single, the collective said: “We made Who Dat Boy? with our boy Kwesi Arthur and it’s just one of those songs that we want the youth to rage to.” The release of WHO DAT BOY? is not just a foray into music for FREE THE YOUTH but a continuation of their mission to empower and inspire through a unique cultural narrative. The collective expands its “selling stories, selling hope” mission into the music arena with distinctive, off-the-wall style and unabashed confidence. As they continue to challenge conservative norms that stifle creativity in Ghana, FREE THE YOUTH aims to free the youth, one beat at a time.

FREE THE YOUTH is a community, a movement led by young creatives passionate about empowering all African youth to connect through the arts and street culture.

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From the Left: Kelly, Kweku Maposh, Prince Bright and Joey Lit.

FREE THE YOUTH is at the forefront of the African creative and streetwear scene. Since launching in 2015, the brand has grown with its cultural influence firmly established throughout Africa, Europe, and the USA in particular. With cutting-edge designs, annual limited edition pieces, and international collaborations, the brand has built a strong reputation and loyal community.

Stream FREE THE YOUTH’s new single WHO DAT BOY? out now via LVRN Records/The Orchard.

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