On Rotation: Songs You Need in Your Life This Week

Maxwell Adjavon Employee One

Every week, the staff at the iMullar round up ten songs we can’t stop listening to forming the weekly list of songs On Rotation to serve as your anthem for the week. You heard these combinations here first.

1. King Promise – Slow Down

After making our Hot Off The Press playlist last Friday, King Promise makes his way to On Rotation with his chart-topping single “Slow Down”. The internet went wild for the visuals which accompanied this melodic yet smooth song by the man who wants to be selfish with you. The ladies are flooding our timeline with those triller and TikTok videos which we love to see.

2. Yinoluu & Riveray – Tumble

Tumble has a sonic level that bloom with brisk Alte-Pop efforts which blend together-cutting through moods. The lead single off the project “Petal scent” glows with feels of camaraderie kept afloat by pulsating bass and uptempo drums, laced with Riverays’ charming vocals. This is both for the alone and lovers.

3. SuperJazzClub – Cameras

The SuperJazzClub collective’s first release of 2021 and we’re excited about these youth talents. “Cameras” is a fast-tempo song, punctuated with heavy drums, and is specifically meant for the dance floor! can I hear a go crazy from the back? The song is characterized by a blend of Afrobeats and R&B elements and a sign of more vibrant music to come from this collective this year.

4. Juls, Projexx & Tay Iwar – Chance

Listening to Chance by Juls, Projexx & Tay Iwar gets me pumped for summertime. We have a strong feeling it’s going to be a Juls Baby summer with the synergy on this single making a strong statement. Infectious flow and additive visual of two effortless characters enjoying their time together, drowning in bad romance, forgetting the world and its trouble exist seems to be the way forward, run it!

5. Ogranya featuring LasGidi Bully – Men in Black

Men in Black speak to the day-to-day struggles in pursuit of a comfortable life and having the system set to protect the citizens drown them into poverty by making conditions worsened. Listen as Ogranya and LasGidi Bully make their voice heard on this hip-hop beat.

6. Zilla Oaks – Vibez On Vibez

Here’s a weekend anthem. We know how everyone gets when it’s TGIF and as we’re slowly getting back to the party mode, we feel like “Vibez On Vibez” makes a checklist of when is expected and what should be done just in case you’ve forgotten. Seems to be the new yardstick for the linkOp. Get lit and flex on Zilla Oaks’ Vibez On Vibez.

7. CtrlT – Rewind

We all need company sometimes, and it sucks to be alone sometimes when you yearn for some physical touch. It’s all vibes and chill but here, CtrlT on this slow tempo song invites his interest in “Rewind” to come through as he seeks to fill this void and emptiness. Pick up the phone when he calls! yes, you!. Listen here.

8. Adekunle Gold – It Is What It Is

Adekunle Gold in his latest single touched on the essence of doing what will bring you peace and joy. We think it’s an essential message to pass on to our readers and for this, “It Is What It Ismakes our on rotation series. Sock it in and take notes.

9. Ladipoe & Buju – Feeling

We love it when the gentlemen say it as it is and on “feeling”, Ladipoe and Buju didn’t sugarcoat their sentiments on mood killers or time-waster when it comes to matters of the heart. Well, we share this same sentiment! Bad energy go far away.

10. Dj K.O featuring Dumey – Fine Wine

Fine wine is that feel-good tune that keeps you tapping your feet and nodding your head. The Amapiano record has that hypnotic call to sip on something strong and slip into something nice. Don’t know what we feel right now but you be the judge of it.


On rotation is your weekly dose of musical geniuses to your library. Our editors update this playlist very frequently–so if you see something you like, add to your library.

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